Being the First to Wear These Jewelry Trends Will Guarantee It-Girl Status


What if I told you that you don't need to buy any new clothes to look on-trend for the rest of the year? I know, I know—coming from a fashion editor, that sounds like I've lost it. But hear me out. When you have all the good wardrobe staples, wearing on-trend jewelry will instantly elevate your look and make it feel so right now. No trendy tops are required! Although, I do have a lot of fun with those and will still indulge.

One thing I love about jewelry is it never really is "trendy." Styles often come and go, but if there is one thing that I know for sure, it's that they will always come back. The latest runways that will be defining the year 2022 all found some sort of nostalgic jewelry buy and latched onto it, allowing it to flourish among the aesthetic that their shows were showcasing. Think Y2K, old money, CEO woman, etc. Allow the jewelry trends below to float into your wardrobe and give it a little update.


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Don't let anyone tell you you're not a winner. A good signet ring will be a great reminder throughout your day. I love choosing jewels that match the many different colors I wear throughout the week. 

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You can leave your phone at home. These timeless timepieces are really all you need. The runways lately have really loved the classic watch. I love how it elevates every look, so I will be adding one to my cart.

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Hello, clip earrings and oversize studs. The "old money" aesthetic currently has my heart, and I think these earrings are a must if you want to perfect the look. Just add a tweed jacket.

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Y2K took over our closets, and its next victim will be our jewelry collections. You're going to feel so much nostalgia when you scroll through these picks—butterfly, enamel, and lots of pink. I'm here for this.

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Due to the fact that it reminds me of a bolo tie, I'm calling this trend "glitzy cowgirl." Similar to previously mentioned trends, the Y necklace seemed to belong to different generations for quite some time, so I shied away from it. Now, it feels so current, and I love the implications it makes when you wear a V-neck or slightly unbuttoned shirt.

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The playground is looking a little bit different these days. Yes, we may now be adults, but heart-shaped details, colorful beads, and bright colors can still have a home in our wardrobes. Do you know how here for this I am?

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The hold the choker trend had on me in 2016… Leaving my dorm room during my college days consistently confronted me with every woman's love for a choker that was "so '90s." The return of the choker is all grown up. Strong and bold hardware is taking center stage nowadays.

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