I'm Spotting Every "Need to Know" Shoe Trend at Zara—6 I'm Losing It Over


As I did my routine scroll through Zara's new arrivals, I was so impressed by the shoes that I saw that I instantly dashed to the site's dedicated shoe section. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by literally every pair of shoes that I've been dreaming about wearing for the past few months. No trend was left behind. Pretty much all the shoes my favorite It girls have been wearing were here at under $100, so you bet I was intrigued. 

This year's shoe trend cycle has served us well. Instead of bombarding us with a new trend every month, the latest offerings from designers have had major staying power. So seeing them all lined up with Zara price tags got me excited. With pointed toes, metallics, unique loafers, and more, dressing from the shoes up just got way more fun. You'll find what you're looking for to complete that look below. 

1. Buckle Up


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

Nineties-inspired buckle strap sandals are going to be the fashion set's go-to for the rest of the year, starting now. It may be cold, but when you have a pair of shoes this good, you wear them anyway.

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2. Pointy Toes


(Image credit: @theaudreypeters)

Upgrade any outfit instantly with a pointed-toe shoe. Choosing a pair that comes in a bright and cheery hue just so happens to be my secret to turning jeans and a tee into a look

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3. Metallic Everything


(Image credit: Jade Belmes, @laurenegg)

If you attend NYFW then you know how much the fashion set is loving metallic right now. Live out your inner disco ball dreams with this trend.

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4. Retro Sneakers


(Image credit: @cocobassey)

While I love classic white sneakers, they can get boring sometimes. I can certainly confirm that retro sneakers will continue to be big in 2023.

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5. Flatform


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

You've certainly already heard the news that flatform shoes are going to be so big in 2023. I, for one, just can't seem to shut up about them. Being on the taller side still doesn't steer me away from this style. Bring on the height!

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6. The New Loafers


(Image credit: @annabelrosendahl)

Hello, loafers. You've been cute, but we're giving you an update. It could be a bold platform, contrasting colors, or a chunky sole—let's see what's new.

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