5 New Denim Trends Coming for Your Skinny Jeans

Before we dive in, just know that skinny jeans will never really be “over.” Sure, they’re polarizing in nature, but they’ve basically cemented themselves as wardrobe staples at this point. That said, there are new denim styles cruising in this season that feel a bit more forward and fresh for the season.

If you take one scroll through the ’gram right now, you’ll notice fashion girls in a range of cool styles like light-wash straight fits and boot-cut silhouettes that are giving skinnies a run for their money. To showcase further, we’re highlighting the five denim trends that matter below. You’ll also find a smattering of styling and shopping inspiration once you’re ready to give your skinny jeans a break this spring.

Long, Straight-Leg Jeans
New Spring Denim Trends: Straight-Leg Jeans



If you're into the slim nature of skinny jeans, try a straight-leg pair in a lighter wash instead this season. They'll give you that same effect but feel just a bit more current.

Baggy Jeans
New Spring Denim Trends: Baggy Jeans



On the other end of the spectrum, fashion girls everywhere are embracing extremely baggy jeans as an ode to fashion's resurgence of all things '90s.

Utility Jeans
New Spring Denim Trends: Utility Jeans



Add a bit of edge to your denim ensemble with an unexpected pair of utility jeans featuring pockets all over. 

Loose, Cropped Jeans
New Spring Denim Trends: Light Cropped Jeans



In the same family as the baggy jeans above, loose, cropped silhouettes are also reigning supreme among the style set as one of the most forward choices out there.

Trouser Jeans
New Spring Denim Trends: Trouser Jeans



For a more dressed-up vibe, consider tailored jeans in a darker wash (something that mimics trousers) paired with polished separates for work, an event, and so on.  

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