I'm a Former Nordstrom Buyer—These Spring Items Feel Dated, But I Love These 7

When we want that top-notch style advice, we routinely turn to Susie Wright. After all, she’s an expert in her field with a fashion résumé that includes everything from a former Nordstrom buyer to a stylist to an influencer with her site So Susie. On that note, we recently tapped her to provide insight into the items she thinks can make or break a good closet. In that same vein, we thought there could be interest in uncovering the specific spring items she’s excited to wear this season, along with those that she may put aside due to their somewhat "outdated" nature. Of course, all of this is based on personal preference, and you should always wear whatever you love, no matter what anyone thinks.

So with all that in mind, below you’ll uncover the seven pieces Wright will stand behind this spring, complete with insight into the items she may not wear as much. Naturally, there’s also a smattering of outfit inspiration, along with shopping picks in case you too are interested in testing out one of Wright’s go-to spring finds.

Wearing: Padded Shoulder Tees
Not Wearing as Much: Tie-Dye Tees

"I’m not as into tie-dye tees anymore, but I’m loving any T-shirt that has a padded shoulder. So chic!"—Wright

Wearing: Pink Everything
Not Wearing as Much: Darker "Winter" Colors

“For now, I’ll be storing the darker winter colors (aside from classic neutrals), and adding anything pink that catches my eye.”

Wearing: Printed Shirtdresses
Not Wearing as Much: Super-Fitted Dresses

“I’m not into anything that’s too slim-fitting. Instead, I’ll be looking for pretty dresses that are comfortable to wear all spring long.”

Wearing: Cardigans Worn Over the Shoulders
Not Wearing as Much: Sweaters Tied Around the Waist

“I haven’t worn a sweater tied around my waist in a long time, but over the shoulders is another story! Loving this look plus it adds a little extra warmth.”

Wearing: Trench Coats
Not Wearing as Much: Older Styles That Don't Fit Properly

"Be done with older styles that don’t fit properly and add a cool, modern trench."

Wearing: Puff-Sleeve Tops
Not Wearing as Much: Basic Fitted Tops

“I haven’t been wearing anything that’s too fitted, but I’m loving tops with pretty details like puff sleeves or ruffles. So pretty!”

Wearing: Statement Pearls (Shoes and Jewelry)
Not Wearing as Much: Dainty Pearls From Past Seasons

“Dainty pearls don’t feel quite right these days, but pearl details on shoes or layering a pearl necklace with some gold chains is so stylish.”

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