A Beauty Editor and Fashion Editor Swap One Piece of Spring Advice

Part of the fun of having both fashion and beauty editors at Who What Wear is the ability to swap expertise. As much as I know about what's trending in the makeup world, I'm a little embarrassed to say my knowledge of what's in style-wise leaves something to be desired. In an effort to become better acquainted with what's going on in fashion, I hit up one of my colleagues from the WWW fashion team, assistant editor Anna LaPlaca, and we decided to exchange one piece of spring advice (a fashion tip from her and a beauty tip from me—something that would put the other editor a little outside her comfort zone). Then we challenged each other to apply the tip for a full week. 

Noticing my penchant for skinny jeans, Anna recommended I adopt the rising baggy jean trend—something she's noticed lately on the likes of Kaia Gerber, Victoria Beckham, Yara Shahidi, and other trend-forward celebs. As for my tip, I invited Anna to swap all her matte makeup products (like foundation, powder, and lipstick) with glossy, dewy alternatives, aligning with the high-shine makeup trends currently overtaking Instagram, red carpets, and runways.

We each acquired the necessary materials and put each other's fashion and beauty advice to the test. Keep scrolling to read how the experiment went.