The 3 Dress Styles Celebs Will Wear This Spring


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One of our favorite pastimes may or may not be predicting trends for the coming season, and this time around, we're focusing on the spring 2018 dresses we think celebrities will wear in just a few weeks' time. Always seen in the latest designers and styles, celebrities—like street style stars—have become one of our main sources for outfit inspiration. (Jennifer Lawrence's Chloé boots, anyone?)

Ahead, we've used our knowledge of spring 2018 trends, researched which we've already seen on a handful of It girls, and considered the dresses our go-to celebrities normally wear come the warmer seasons. The result? Three lovely spring dress trends that, luckily, you can buy now should your heart desire. Trust us—in no time at all, stars like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid will be frolicking in these forward frocks. Alliterations are fun.

Saturated Colors

One of the biggest spring 2018 trends both on and off the runway (you can thank street style for that) has been colors so saturated you almost need sunglasses to safely absorb their full brightness. Since celebs these days are just as far ahead of the trends as bloggers and other fashion insiders, there's no doubt they'll cling to this bold spring dress trend.

Festive Florals

Spring without florals would be like winter without snow—weird and disorienting. Luckily, floral prints aren't going anywhere in spring 2018, and we have a feeling celebrities will be wearing the traditional print in modern ways, including brighter colors, fresher styles, and of-the-moment brands.


While fashion is always thinking ahead, it also takes time to draw inspiration from the past, and this spring, we're noticing that designers are doing exactly that. Spring 2018 may be about new coloring, but it's also about vintage-inspired silhouettes, detailing, and prints. Expect to see your favorite celebrities clad in vintage frocks and dad sneakers all season long.

As we quickly approach spring, we highly suggest you keep an eye out to see if our celebrity dress predictions were correct. We have an inkling we're right on the money here, so shop these spring stunners while they're still in stock.