These Are the Biggest Shoe Trends of Spring 2018


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Stuck in a place where snow is falling, temperatures are shocking, and rain is basically ruining your life? Here's something to look forward to: spring 2018 shoe trends. The footwear styles for this upcoming spring season did not disappoint, as they brought forth color, character, and a generally bright spirit—traits one could only hope for in a spring shoe trend.

Since we know sifting through hundreds of runway images can be a pain, we did it for you while simultaneously picking out the 2018 shoe trends we believe you'll love the most. Overall themes you can expect for the spring season include lighter color palettes, loud shapes, and a few moments of nostalgia. Ahead, we've also shopped out the shoe trends that will reign supreme come spring, in case you want to start your shopping a tad early. We know we do.


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For those of you who are officially over Millennial Pink, lavender is here to rescue you. We saw the runways flooded with lilac shades galore in styles ranging from sandals to slides to pumps and back again. Lavender was also a huge color trend in the ready-to-wear department, so if you're looking to invest in one particular hue this season, let it be a sea of light purple.

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Oh yes, it's time. Cowboy- and Western-inspired boots are officially back, and designers are easing us into the idea by showering us with styles ranging from traditional to a more modern take. So if, at this given time, this boot style reminds you a little too much of your line dancing days, brands like Tibi and Dorateymur are here to meet you somewhere in the middle.

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The good ole sock-and-sandal debate is one that will never tire, and if you leave it up to editors and designers, support of the pairing is inevitable and welcome. This season, we saw sock-and-sandal pairings that made our hearts flutter thanks to the cool-girl qualities of the socks themselves. While splurging on a pair of sandals might not be at the top of your to-do list right now, buying some ornate socks certainly should be. Your sandals will thank you.

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If there's one thing Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz taught us, it's that there's no place like home and that glitter shoes are timeless. Designers clearly wanted to remind us of that little piece of knowledge as they sent out glittering soles in surprisingly approachable styles: pumps, platforms, boots, and more.

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Feeling adventurous? Craving a new way to incorporate streetwear into your day-to-day wardrobe? Then this trend is for you. We saw the spring runways spew forth sporty details on everything from laces to straps to soles. The best way to think about this trend is "normal footwear, but make it Sporty Spice."

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The naked shoe trend is clearly (pun intended) here to stay. While designers like Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta opted for a more traditional take on the see-through shoe trend, others expanded into new colorways, heel shapes, and strapping techniques. Whichever way you prefer to swing, there's a naked shoe trend for you.

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