I'm the Person All My Friends Consult for Outfits—9 Date-Night Looks I Approve

It certainly pays to be friends with a fashion editor, and if you ask my friends, I've definitely taken on that role in real life. I'm basically the IRL style version of Google when it comes to my group chat, and nothing lights up my texts like discourse over date-night outfits. With spring in full swing, it seems like everyone in my inner circle is dating like there's no tomorrow. When the weather is this good, who can really blame them?

Fortunately, I've been spotting a plethora of noteworthy spring date outfits everywhere, from my feed to the spring runways. They play with color and textures and all the things I can get behind wearing for a dialed-up occasion. Getting dressed for a date—especially a first date—can be a mix of nerves and excitement. This is why having an outfit already on lock before the night of is crucial. But despite your relationship status or need for legitimate date-outfit ideas, I think the following looks can all easily translate for any other occasion, like a dinner with friends or a casual cocktail hour.

Keep reading to see what date-night outfit suggestions I've been sending throughout my group chat. I've assembled all the pieces you need to re-create them, too.

Style Notes: I'm in favor of a relaxed approach to date night. Sometimes, all you need is an outfit comprised of the basics—just add flashy accessories, like revenge heels, and big earrings to set things off.

Style Notes: Slip dresses are my number one for spring, and it's because of all of the same reasons why slip dresses are a classic wardrobe staple. For a fancy night out, go for one with ornate details like lace or a beautiful print for extra sophistication.

Style Notes: Silk looks expensive no matter how you style it, so a silk set? That's the pinnacle of perfection. This vibrant green is equal parts tropical and alluring, which is all you could really ask for in terms of a spring date-night outfit. Try it with bold-hued sandals, or stick with neutral-colored flats if you prefer the green to pop on its own.



Style Notes: It's a requirement at this point to add an LBD to the list, and really, it's an option you should never count out. A halter-neck version with a high slit is a different take that feels on point for this season.

Style Notes: If you're looking to amp things up, an elegant satin combo really is the perfect solution. The pink is a strong color that sets an impression, whereas the black button-down screams sophistication. Altogether, it'll definitely earn you a second date.



Style Notes: Lucky you—you'll be enjoying a meal at a beachside resort. A palette of fresh white tones is my personal style ace whenever I'm dressing up on a destination vacation.



Style Notes: Here's a true fashion-person approach to looking cool on a date. The romantic ruffled neckline paired with slim-fitting high-waisted trousers is sleek yet delicate at the same time. Don't forget to add a pair of stiletto pumps—you'll want the extra height for this.



Style Notes: For the experimental, throwing in a sheer piece is a solid option to add to the list. One look I've been loving is styling a sheer cardigan over a lacey black bra. It definitely teeters on risqué, but it is date night.



Style Notes: Yes, a suit can absolutely work as a date-night outfit. The key is to go for relaxed cuts that feel less like the office and more casual. Next, pair it with a cropped top or a fitted eye-catching top for a trend-forward juxtaposition. After all, this is a date, not a job interview.