7 Ankle-Boot Trends Fashion People Are Devoted to This Spring


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Ankle boots seem to be the one boot style that will never go out of fashion. But with constant reiterations and endless colorways, they manage to remain just as fresh for each season and this spring is certainly no exception. When flowers are popping up on sidewalks and the sun is playing tricks on you, dressing for the weather becomes particularly challenging as temperatures rise and fall on a whim. But the one staple you can count on no matter the weather? Ankle boots. Maybe that's why they have such serious staying power. 

This spring, celebs and fashion people alike are already giving us serious inspiration when it comes to the upcoming ankle-boot trends. Whether it's Gigi Hadid wearing two-toned boots or fashion insider Kerry Pieri wearing the new version of trusty black ankle boots (hint: they're white), there's no end to the coolest boot trends—and the ways you can wear them. 

Rather than spending hours scrolling through your favorite fashion site looking for just the right pair, we've rounded up the seven best spring ankle-boot trends, and our favorite versions of each, below. Happy shopping!

1. Spring Whites

White is the new black when it comes to ankle boots. Another neutral hue, white pairs just as well with every outfit but with a light—and perhaps unexpected—pop that brings a little life back to your wardrobe. 


(Image credit: @kerrypieri)

2. Two-Tone

We have Gigi Hadid to thank for bringing this newfound favorite to the forefront of the sartorial world and when I say thank, I really do mean thank. Two-tone booties are the ultimate way to get the best of both worlds—whether you're combining the white trend (look above!) with a neutral-hue or black with a pop of color, they're sure to improve any look. 


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3. Square Toes

When it comes to the square-toe boot trend, the more Frankenstein-like, the better. With brands like Acne leading the trend and Zara following suit (of course), this controversial style pairs perfectly with jeans and tights alike. 


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4. Sturdy Stompers

Seen on models from the runways to Instagram, heavy-duty boots are making statements with miniskirts and cropped pants alike. Consider styling them with a voluminous dress come spring and summer.


(Image credit: @chrissyford)

5. Lace-Up Booties

I don't know about you, but this latest trend is bringing some serious Little Women vibes, and Greta Gerwig and I are very okay with it. Laced-up booties pair well with midi dresses or with a full-bodied skirt from the 1800s if that's the mood you're in. 


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6. Wide-Shaft Boots

While sock boots reigned supreme in seasons past, we've gone to the opposite end of the spectrum with this next boot trend that's all about a wide shaft. Khaite has really led the pack here with its sleek suede options. Take note: These boots look particularly good with skinny jeans tucked in.


(Image credit: @nycbambi)

7. Pretty Platforms

This season, expect to see platforms everywhere. The retro look is coming back in a big way as all things disco and '70s-inspired also see the light of day. Whether they're worn with a sparkly party dress or to add some lift to your everyday outfits, this isn't one to overlook. 


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