These Jeans Are Out This Spring

Although the weather is warming up, it's an enduring fact that fashion girls can't live without denim year-round. But with a change in seasons comes a change in trends, so per usual, we turned to the experts to fill us in on the denim that's in and out for spring 2017. While boyfriend and skinny jeans are always a hot topic, this season, denim designers are buzzing about a few other styles that feel a bit more directional than those classics.

We can absolutely acknowledge that denim is a very personal thing, and everyone has their preferences depending on what suits their wardrobe and their body the best. That said, being tuned into both the latest denim trends and which ones feel a bit dated just might lead you to a new favorite style to add to the mix. Ready to hear what the experts have to say?

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In: "I'm into wearing lived-in, emotional vintage denim washes with lots of character. A little bit of nicking and grinding around the pockets and tiny bits of destruction. The jeans should feel like your old BFF."

Out: "All over heavily destructed jeans are out."

These rigid jeans could easily pass for vintage. 

In: "Overall, we still believe that feeling sexy in one's jeans is still very important, despite the trend toward looser fits. This is why our High Rise and our High Rise Ankle Crops are still very strong both in our Originals and Re/Done | Levi's collections. We are about to launch our new Ultra High Rise fit, which people are already dying to get their hands on, so I think it's safe to say high rises are still having a moment.

"We're also really loving cropped denim jackets, which happen to pair perfectly with a high rise. We reconstruct vintage Levi's denim jackets and created an amazing boxy, cropped fit."

Out: "Unflattering mom jeans—that is a trend we never embraced."

In: "Last spring, we were focusing on DIY uneven hem treatments as seen in our Insider Crop Step Fray. This trend is still very strong. This season, the uneven DIY treatments have moved up to the waistband as introduced in our Dazzler Shift."

Out: "Low Rises. Everything continues to move up—hems and rises. Even our lowest rise fit has crept up to be higher."

Be sure to tuck your shirt in to show off this cool waistband. 

In: "Rigid jeans. It's about rigid denim cut in a way that you can actually wear. A lot of the denim nostalgia that is happening, while great in principle, is hard to wear and ill-fitting. For spring, we introduced our Rigid Re-Release collection that blends the rigid look we crave with a more flattering accentuating silhouette. It features reimagined versions of our own most iconic styles in 100% rigid denim. The result is effortless chic rigid denim with that vintage marbled feel we want."

Out: "Flares. It almost happened—and we have moved on. Maybe it was that we never found the right shoes for the cut."

Pair these with a white tee and sneakers for the perfect weekend look.

In: "The cheekiest jeans in your closet are in—our Levi's Wedgie, Wedgie Straight, Wedgie Short, 501 Skinny, and 501 Shorts all showcase your best assets and give you that signature 'Levi's' butt. We also have the Mile High and 721, which are the modern versions of the Levi's butt—both sexy high rise fits that hug, hold and flatter.

"Authentic worn-in red casts, washed blacks, and destruction are finish highlights this season—also loving raw, frayed, and cropped hems."

We can attest to the fact that the fit of these is amazing.

Everyone still buzzes about these Levi's Wedgie jeans.

In: "This season we're really into the slim-straight fit in vintage washes and oversize denim jackets with touches of destruction."

Out: "What we're seeing in denim for spring and summer is really a lot of individuality—anything goes. It's hard to say something is out. I'm feeling a lot of great energy in the space."

In: "This season we're still seeing a lot of repurposed denim—whether that's alternative hem details or experimenting with the 'traditional' construction of a five-pocket denim, this trend of reconstructing denim is still strong. For our current spring collection, Alexa [Chung] is featured in our campaign wearing The Phoebe—our high-rise vintage straight leg jeans—with laser fading creating a paneling of a light blue and darker wash, as well as removed pockets to create a pieced-together look."

Out: "At the end of the day, it's all about the way your jeans fit, which is always going to be something very personal and intimate. Keep your spring look fresh by swapping out darker denim for lighter washes."

We love the special, one-of-a-kind feel of deconstructed denim.

If you really want to change things up for spring, opt for a white wash.

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Opening Images: Sandra Semburg