7 Sporty Outfits (No Workout Required)

Don’t get us wrong—we love a good workout when the occasion calls for it (along with the cute outfits that go with it), but sometimes we want to feel sporty without looking like we’re about to head to the gym at any moment. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, you can create sporty outfits without even thinking about your next workout.

Whether it’s opting for a pair of striped track pants instead of your go-to denim blues or throwing on a cool bomber over your outfit, you can embrace the sporty trend without wearing your favorite leggings outside the gym.

To help illustrate our point, we rounded up some of our favorite looks from the coolest It girls who know how to hit the sweet spot for owning the sporty trend. Whether it’s as simple as wearing a ringer tee or wearing a cool windbreaker with your jeans, creating a chic and sporty outfit is simpler than you’d think.

Now you know that you can be sporty without making a trip to the gym.