Adulting Is Hard, But These 30 Zara, H&M, and Mango Items Are Making it Easier



I'm still figuring out this whole "Adulting" thing, and I'm learning along the way. There's plenty to it, but since my job is as a fashion editor, I'm starting with taking a look at my closet and seeing what could be different. While I still love fun pieces and firmly believe that growing older does not mean wearing fewer trends and losing one's self of style, I did notice the lack of basics and elevated pieces in my wardrobe. I needed to get my hands on staples that could help me build outfits more effortlessly. Still being on a budget, I looked towards H&M, Mango, Zara, and H&M, and they most certainly delivered. 

Luckily for you, after scrolling for what seemed like hours, I curated all my picks below, and trust me, they're good. If you're in the same boat as me, or simply just want to give your basic an upgrade, then you've come to the right place. From oversized blazers to staple accessories, you'll have a sophisticated wardrobe that'll prepare you for any occasion ahead.


You'll get plenty of wear out of this.

Dress this up over a pair of leather trousers or play it casual with relaxed denim.

Perfect for optimal layering.

I love this dress because although it's printed, the neutral tones help to make a variety of ways to style it. 

As the weather continues to drop, you need one of these.

These will go with almost everything you wear.

When those knit gloves you got last minute on a show day just aren't cutting it.

Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to the leather collar.


The jewelry style every fashion girl owns.

I love how good the sweater looks tucked into these.

The pants you won't want to stop wearing this winter.

According to our WWW trend report, luxe loafers are trending big for Winter 2020.

A bag for any outfit. Plus, it'll fit all your necessities. 


I've already bought this one.

Knee-high boots will pair so well with this dress.

I own this blazer and have worn it so many times, I've lost count.

I finally stopped stealing my dad's work shirts and bought my own.

Your key to keeping warm this season.

This has already become my favorite knit.