The Cheap Way Fashion Girls Are Jazzing Up Every Outfit

There's nothing better than a rising trend that requires not only very minimal effort but also very minimal funds. The trend we're speaking of is crew socks and the various ways in which they are being styled right now. Kaia Gerber was spotted styling her socks over leggings not too long ago, and from there, the Nike sock movement followed. We're fairly certain that the rise of Nike socks is in part due to the new indoor lifestyle fashion girls are currently documenting, but regardless of location or intention, this new crew-sock trend is one that can't be ignored. 

What started as more of a fresh way to style leggings and athleisurewear has now transformed into the unofficial accessory of spring and summer 2020. There are two amazing facts that come with the rise of this new trend. The first is that these particular sporty crew socks are cheap as heck, and the second is that they mesh seamlessly with a variety of style types. So whether you're looking to level up your office attire or are sick of your (now) everyday leggings-and–sports bra look, scroll down to find out how these cheap little trendy socks can up the ante in your life. 

Tone down a rather loud skirt or printed bottom via a classic crew-neck sweatshirt, some sporty socks, and of course, a gold chain. 

Desperately craving some excitement among your at-home wardrobe? Throw a blazer on top of your favorite bralette to offset the sporty vibe you most likely have going on below.  

Make a suit feel just the right amount of casual by throwing on some crew socks and retro sneakers. 

Make a laid-back ensemble 10 times cooler by going monochrome (minus the pop of your cute colorful handbag). 

Channel your inner '90s girl and wear a cropped cardigan top with light jeans and classic sneakers. 

Once again, crew socks are the easiest way to level up your at-home look.

Kaia Gerber might have done it first, but fashion girls are taking the OG styling trick and getting more and more creative. 

Just because you're staying indoors doesn't mean your 'fit has to be boring. Take inspiration from this look and wear a fun top with comfortable bike shorts and the sock style of the hour.

Cover up any bare ankles you may feel awkward about, which will leave you looking on-trend and feeling only confident about your look.

Pretty sure we will never get over the suit-and-sneaker look, especially when it features this cheap trendy item.

While we would give anything to be sitting in an outdoor café in Paris right now, dressing the part will have to do for now—crew socks and all.

Everything about this look is a win. From the oversize button-down and brogues to the sports socks and long athleisure shorts, this outfit really has the best of both worlds. 

This outfit is proof that legging styling really knows no bounds, but when it comes to footwear, taller socks and classic sneakers will always do the trick.

And even when you're keeping things low-key, these trendy socks will elevate your look with no additional effort.

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