These 19 Sneakers Look Just Like Dress Shoes

Stylish sneakers that are dressy enough to wear to work


Style du Monde

We honestly get excited with each new wave of the sneaker trendit only solidifies them as the shoes we can't live without. With each new season comes a new round of styles and shapes that we get excited about. Our feet have seriously thanked us for swapping out our heels way more often. Because that's what good design should do after all: function.

With an influx of luxe textures at the forefront this season, sneakers are finding their way into yet another category previously unheard of. The sneakers of the season look just like dress shoes. (Yes, you read that right.) In satin, velvet, and metallic finishes, these rubber-soled styles are anything but athletic. They're basically begging to be dressed up with cool trousers. We're calling it: You'll be wearing them to the office and beyond in the span of a few months. (Here's how to keep them sparkly clean. You can thank us later.)

In the spirit of continuing to discover how far the sneaker trend can go, we're bringing you these 19 sneakers that look just like dress shoes. Keep reading to shop our picks.

Meghan Markle's favorite sneakers just got a holiday-ready update.

You really outdid yourselves with this one, Nike.

A glam update to your favorite skate sneakers.

We'd wear these with jeans and a cozy sweater.

Your all-black outfits will really pop with these.

Anything looks infinitely cooler when it comes in a snakeskin print. That's just a fact.

Not your average Uggs, that's for sure.

*"Fancy" by Iggy Azaela plays in your head.*

Out of this world. (I'll see myself out.)

One more metallic option for good measure.

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