Will "Sneakerdrilles" Be Summer's Biggest Sneaker Trend?

Two no-brainer summer shoe trends year after year are sneakers and espadrilles. In fact, they've pretty much transcended trend territory and can best be classified as straight-up classics. While recently perusing the summer shoes that have already hit the market, one trend in particular was impossible to ignore: the result of sneakers and espadrilles becoming one and forming what we're calling "sneakerdrilles."

You may recall a few years ago when Chanel's slip-on, logo-adorned espadrille sneakers were everywhere. Well, apparently footwear designers decided to revisit the look for 2017, and a slew of brands including Zara, Alexander Wang, Steve Madden, and Vans are on board. Whether you prefer a slip-on or lace-up style, something rugged or more feminine, you can rest assured that your ideal sneakerdrilles are out there, just waiting to be worn with your favorite summer shorts and dresses. Ready to get in on this hybrid trend early on?

Shop seven of our favorite sneakerdrilles on the market below!