Women Across America Are Wearing This Trend on Instagram

It used to be magazines. Used to be runway shows, music videos, movies, party recaps. Now, the number one spot, we'd venture to bet, that the majority of us find out what the latest trends are is Instagram. The discovery platform du jour never fails to show us the newcomer brands, inspiring style setters, and even translations of the aforementioned sources from our past—magazines, parties, and more. Every day, we find ourselves saving images upon images that are compelling, and eventually, it transforms into a crystal-clear amalgamation that is: a trend.

On the subject, we've recently undergone said trend epiphany and are thrilled to share our findings. As of late (like the last month and a half), every influencer, retailer, and street style photographer has seemingly illustrated the stylish effects of snake print. Not leopard, not giraffe—snake. This enticing print is especially versatile because it works across the wardrobe gamut. Footwear and bags are obvious iterations, but we've also spotted jackets, pants, and the ilk swathed in this pattern. To see what we mean, scroll down to see the snake-print trend that women across America are wearing on Instagram right now, and shop our picks along the way to add it to your aesthetic this season.

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