15 Reasons You Should Give Square Bags a Chance

All the trends that are reigning this summer prove that size does not matter—at least when it comes to accessories. Between minimal sunglasses and micro handbags, you can easily question why we are accessorizing at all. Yet, despite some initial questions around what can be held in a small bag, they add an unmistakable wink to each and every outfit.

Just as you have given tiny sunglasses a try, have approved of fanny packs, and have shamelessly sported PVC handbags, we say small square bags deserve a chance as well. Joining the ranks of similar styles, like the circle bag, this geometric accessory is one that makes a statement and serves a purpose too.

Don't believe us yet? Ahead find 15 small square bags that will change your mind (and your outfit) instantly.

Consider this see-through bag a conversation starter.

The perfect size (and shape) for a night out. 

The finishing touch to your music festival ensemble. 

If square bags are still a bit too out there, how about square handles? 

Tortoise is our new favorite print. 

Will go perfectly with all your white dresses. 

Proof that there isn't a small bag we won't love, no matter its shape. 

Opening Image: @slipintostyle