The Most Sophisticated Outfit You Can Wear This Fall

Here in our L.A. offices, there's rarely a moment where we even get the chance to break out our thicker sweaters and outerwear, since the majority of the time, the weather only warrants a light jacket. While I'm not complaining about this luxury, there are times when I secretly wish it would get as cold as it does in most other parts of the country so that I could put to use the stockpile of fall outfit ideas I have saved up. Now is one of those times. I'm blaming it on a single outfit combo, in particular, which has me feeling a type of way.

Scrolling through my folder of inspiration photos, I noticed a pattern start to emerge. All of the outfits I had a visceral reaction to involved the same three pieces: a slouchy sweater, a pencil or other type of midi skirt, and knee-high leather boots. Sounds pretty specific, right? Well, in just a matter of minutes (i.e., once you scroll down the page), you'll learn exactly why I'm obsessed. Everything about these slouchy sweater-and-skirt outfits has me blasting the AC in my L.A. apartment just so I can re-create them. While pencil skirts don't have a connotation of being particularly fresh-feeling (some would even call them stuffy), I've found the combination of chunky-knit sweaters and leather boots to offer the sophisticated piece a forward—and ultimately cozy—feel.

Ahead, see the photos that have me falling in love with the three-piece outfit and then shop the key pieces you need to nail the look.

Now you're all set to try out my favorite fall outfit combo, too.