Go Ahead—Wear a Nightgown All Day

Essentially, the fashion world is a sliding scale between two identities: creatures of comfort and those who prefer to be dressed to the nines with a full-on ensemble. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, wearing your pajamas in public is a trend that everyone will be happy about—especially now that sleep dresses are officially on our radar.

Blame it on the fashion industry’s current love for sleepwear or the number of “ugly” trends we simply can’t get enough of, but wearing a nightgown, or a nightgown-inspired dress, is chicer than ever. If you like to be stylish and comfortable at all hours of the day, this one is for you.

Ready to wear the most comfortable trend of the summer? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dresses to wear both in and out of the house. Truly, these dresses will feel so good you’ll want to sleep in them.