Skinny Jeans and Sweaters Just Go Together—and These 4 Pairings Are Proof

My skinny jeans haven't gotten much wear the past few seasons, but I have a feeling that's about to change. Given the rise of taller Western-style boots that demand to be given their due attention, I've started to rethink my dedication to the wide-leg styles I wear, well, pretty much daily. Why would you want to hide even an inch of these Ganni beauties beneath a hemline? How could you justify dropping serious cash on this investment pair if you're dooming them to a lifetime spent beneath all that fabric? Skinnies fit the bill here, and since it's winter, I'm planning on adding in one of the statement sweaters I've spotted on my daily dive through the time-sucking wonder that is Instagram. And I'm not the only one… Keep reading to see four outfit ideas I might be stealing re-creating in the not-so-distant future.

Style Notes: Okay, see, it’s not just knee-high boots that look good with skinny jeans. These high-heeled booties are an excellent choice. Also, it can’t hurt to add in a black turtleneck and a faux-fur coat with retro vibes. (Seventies? Nineties? Who knows anymore? All I know is that I need this Saks Potts coat now.)

Style Notes: Who doesn't love a bright, cheery, chunky knit sweater this time of year? It's the sartorial equivalent of a steaming mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obviously). Just add your favorite pair of light-wash high-rise skinny jeans to up the retro appeal.

Style Notes: Skinny jeans might not make a statement on their own, but that's kind of the point, isn't it? Black skinny jeans, in particular, serve as the perfect backdrop for some of the bolder pieces in your closet.

Style Notes: We often speak of fall color palettes, but winter white deserves a mention every now and again. Throw caution to the wind and double (or triple) up; might I suggest snagging a transparent rain jacket to add a layer of stain protection?

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