Over-50 Women Who've Mastered the Art of Wearing Skinny Jeans

We talk about skinny jeans (and the trends to wear with skinny jeans, and the anti-skinny jeans—you get the picture) so often we risk sounding like a broken record. But quite honestly, the denim has proven its staying power over years and years while we've watched many other denim trends come and go. Although straight-leg and baggier fits are gaining ground among the trendier crowd, it's skinny jeans that remain classic in the world of denim.

Those who know skinny jeans' classic appeal better than anyone are the women who've spent years wearing them—and, therefore, have taken the time to perfect their art. They say it takes 10,000 hours, or roughly 6 to 10 years, to master anything, and if you ask us, that concept definitely translates to wardrobe styling; spending at least a decade styling any given fashion item will certainly earn you master status. While it's true that pulling off skinny jeans (or literally any other style) knows no age limits, we have to admit that truly good style comes after years of working to perfect it.

Since women over 50 and their ridiculously stylish skinny-jean outfits are teaching us valuable lessons in how to wear the slim-fitting denim, keep reading to get inspired by their outfits and be prepared to commit these styling ideas to memory.

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