3 Trends I'm Wearing With My Anti–Skinny Jeans

Earlier this month, I shared the anti–skinny jeans that I keep getting compliments on, so I figured it only makes sense to share the items I’m wearing with my new style obsession. In addition to being one of the most comfortable pairs (scratch that—the most comfortable pair) of jeans that I own, the baggy denim style has become my go-to this season. I’ve worn the jeans to the office, out running errands, and on dates, and every time, I receive a handful of compliments and comments. When I’m not at the office, I style the super-loose jeans with some sort of cropped situation, like this long-sleeve option from Cotton Citizen and heeled ankle boots. I’m a sucker for a subtly cropped number and think it lends the perfect balance of proportions to the baggy pants.

For more office-appropriate outfits with the ’90s-inspired jeans, I’ve rotated between two looks, both pictured below: 1) a knit sweater and ankle boots and 2) a fitted top with a cool belt. Fresh cardigans are trending this season, so there are several options to wear with the jean style. I also love the idea of wearing the jeans with printed pieces like a belt and a simple top, as shown in photo two. See my baggy-jean outfits in action below, and shop the key pieces you need to re-create my looks along the way.


Animal Print
(Image credit: @mscanga)

In case you had any doubts, the animal-print trend is still going strong. I recently expanded my print selection and added this zebra belt from Zara to my wardrobe. While this look shows a subtle way to incorporate animal print, I'm not opposed to wearing a fitted, let's say leopard, top with my next baggy-jean look.


(Image credit: @mscanga)

As I mentioned above, the outfit combination I've found to work best with this tricky jean style is with something fitted on top. I've worn this several times and look forward to adding more cardigans similar to the style seen above to my sweater selection.


Nostalgic Accessories
(Image credit: @mscanga)

Turns out I'm all in for this '90s-inspired look, keeping things in theme when it comes to the accessories department. As you can see in this photo and the previous one, I've topped off the baggy-denim outfit with a thick black headband a number of times. I've also paired the look with a retro logo bag I scored on TheRealReal

Shop more pieces I plan to wear with the '90s-inspired jeans:

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