Hesitate, and It's Gone: Skims's New Swimwear Line Will Sell Out by the Weekend


Skims; PICTURED: Skims Swim T-Shirt ($52)

I'm just going to say it: Most people who claim to not like Skims probably haven't tried it yet. Sure, when you pull one of its shapewear onesies out of the box, it looks like something only your old American Girl doll could fit into. But once you get it on and situated (which might take a few minutes), it's hard to argue with the product's quality and comfort. With super-soft T-shirts, underwear, and slips and shapewear that works, our editors agree that Kim Kardashian and Skims co-founder Jens Grede did good. Their next venture? Swimwear

Today, the duo launched Skims Swim, the brand's first-ever line of water-friendly one-pieces and separates, all of which are available in sizes XXS to 4X. The collection, which starts at $32, has been in the making for a long time. "We've really taken the time to make sure we're offering the best solutions for our customers," Kardashian said in a press release. According to her, the goal was to create swimwear that wouldn't feel daunting to women by simplifying the process of shopping for the beach and to develop a line that would work for everyone. "Whether you prefer a more covered-up style or something more revealing, the collection is designed to be layered and built upon," she continued. Think bike shorts and T-shirts as well as Kardashian-Jenner favorites like string bikinis and cutout one-pieces. 

Here's the catch. Like most of Skims's drops, the hype around the brand's first swimwear line is big—like really big. I saw three TikToks about it just during my allotted 10-minute scroll this morning. In other words, the 19-piece collection below won't stay in stock for long. Shop every piece, all of which are available in seven colors and sizes XXS to 4X, while you still can below. 







Shop Skims's first-ever swimwear line:

A string-bikini top is a summer must-have.

Bandeau fans and haters alike will love this style. 

I know I'll be wearing these for much more than just swimming.

This swimsuit style has really nice support.

I know this is technically swimwear, but it's going in my ready-to-wear pile. 

It's about to be a miniskirt summer. Mark my words.

Unitards like this are so easy to wear and stylish.

Sexy and supportive—the ultimate swimwear combo.

This rise is the perfect in-between for people who don't want low-rise, skimpy bottoms but also aren't into super-high-rise and retro styles.

Spice up a classic style with a bold color choice.

This style is so versatile. Plus, it protects your chest from the sun.

If this is anything like Skims's dry-land T-shirts, it'll be shockingly soft and comfy.

Who doesn't love a sarong moment?

Think of how much more room you'll have in your carry-on if all of your swimwear doubles as daytime wear.