I Just Got Back From Skiing in the Swiss Alps—I'm Not Over These 5 Trends I Saw

February is low-key the peak of winter fashion. While many people think of it as their "slump era," fashion folks are thriving. At this point in the year, they have played around with their seasonal wardrobe enough to put together fabulous outfits on the daily. A month like this is the perfect excuse to dress with comfort first but still look good.

I'm in the midst of running around New York Fashion Week, so the laid-back style that I love to write about is currently a stranger to me. I called Kelsey Merritt, who seems to always be catching a flight, to hear about one of her latest trips. Skiing in the Swiss Alps sounds like an absolute dream, but my first question was, What are people wearing over there? Merritt answered. Below, find the best things she wore on her trip and the fashion trends she took home with her.

What are your favorite things you wore on your trip to the Swiss Alps? 

1. Knee-High Boots

"These Khaite boots are such a good classic knee-high leather boot. The heel height is not high, so they are comfortable to walk in all day!"

2. White Faux-Fur Jacket

"This jacket was pretty simple, but when I added a big belt, it instantly elevated the look."

3. Fur Cardigan

"I'm in a ski town, so I made sure to pack lots of (faux) fur! I love dressing for the right occasion, and having an element of fur immediately makes your look fitting for a ski town."

4. Ski Suit

"This ski suit was such a nice fit and kept me warm the whole ski day. It also makes me feel like I look like a ski racer!"

5. Fur Ski Jacket

"A fur ski jacket? Yes, please! This jacket was so fun to wear skiing on the mountain."

After your trip to a winter wonderland, can you name a few trends you're looking forward to wearing this winter?

1. Oversize Faux-Fur Coats

"Although they are a classic staple, I've been seeing a comeback of oversize faux fur recently. I love it because it looks so comfortable and warm and chic."

2. Menswear-Style Coats

"The womenswear adaptation of menswear-style coats is one of my favorite trends for the winter!"

3. Skinny Scarves



"I've been loving this trend. It's an effortless layer to any look."

4. Puffer Vests



"On a more casual California winter day, I love to layer using a puffer vest since it's not cold enough for a proper winter jacket."

5. Maxi Skirts

"I'm all about the maxi skirts this season paired with a good boot!"