5 "Boring" Winter Trends I'm Backing for the Months Ahead

I suppose “boring” isn’t the best word to describe the below trends because, while they may not be the most exciting, you’re about to see that they just so happen to lend themselves to some very cool-looking outfits. Blame it on the fact that classic style made a major comeback this year, but these days, it’s the simplest looks that seem to be garnering the most attention—at least from where I stand, and I love it.

So where I’m going with this is that before you write off basic shoulder bags or the humble cardigan, give them a chance! At the very least, you know the five trends you’re about to see will make good investments because while they’re definitely having a moment right now, they’re also inherently timeless. To see what made the cut and shop my picks from each category, just keep scrolling.

1. Classic Coats

That’s right—the coats that the coolest girls are wearing right now are the classics. Think camel, checked, simple wool styles, faux fur, and shearling.

Knee-high boots are back and one of the simplest ways to stand out this season. Odds are that you have a pair in your closet already and can rest easy knowing that anything from a simple black pair to a luxe embossed style will do.

3. Suiting

Whether you opt for a full set or style a blazer or trouser with different separates, the omnipresent suiting trend is one of my favorite ways to add polish to any outfit.

4. Shoulder Bags

Statement bags are cool and all, but right now, the simplest of shoulder bags are even cooler. Whether you spring for Prada’s reissued hobo style or opt for something a little more grandma-esque, be sure you’re wearing one soon. 

Yup, I’m still talking about cardigans, and no, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Lately, I’ve been layering them under all my coats and blazers instead of my usual simple sweaters. 

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