20 Simple Summer Outfits That Are So Easy to Style


Adam Katz/Le21éme

Summer is meant to be one of the most effortless seasons, so why not allow your wardrobe to reflect that? Gone are the layers, the bulky coats, and the cozy accessories. We’re still mixing our cashmere sweaters into our routine, but we’re trading leather skirts for denim and corduroy trousers for silk and we’ve ditched our heavy boots completely in favor of sandals and canvas skimmers. The sun is out and our gloomy demeanors are lifted, so this summer, we’re vowing to fill our wardrobes to the brim with exciting basics, creating a stylish arsenal to help us create simple summer outfits that wow.

With individual statement pieces, like a structured top or pair of high-waisted pants, it’s easy to stick to a uniform and still be the most eye-catching person in the room. And everyone around you will be none the wiser, thinking you took hours to style your next-level look. And believe us when we say that there’s nothing better than a classic stylish equation into which you can plug in your tops, dresses, jackets, and more to create a seemingly endless collection of chic looks that were just as simple to create as the outfit you throw on when you hit the gym.

From jean shorts for weekend brunch to floral silk dresses for cocktails and work alike and everything in between, scroll through the simple summer outfits that we’ll be living in all season long.

Which one is your favorite? We, for one, are excited to try them all from June to beyond.