15 Beautiful Silk Satin Dresses That Can Be Worn All Winter

If you're like us, you probably lived in silk satin dresses all through the summer. Their casual yet elevated allure made them super appealing when we were lazy but still wanted to look put together. Now, as temperatures grow colder, we're here to tell you that silk satin slip dresses for winter are very much a thing and not just a thing of the (warmer) past.

Instead of wearing them as-is, now's the time to style them under cozy knits, over body-hugging turtlenecks, and even layered over your pants for added drama. Amazing, right? If you haven't already sent your favorites to the storage, ahead find 20 silk satin dresses for winter that you'll love just as much.

Believe it or not, now you're one step closer to being winter ready.

Opening Image: @kellyaugustineb