Short Suits Are About to Be the Biggest Summer Trend

Short suit outfits Pretty Woman


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It’s no secret that blazers and the related pantsuit and skirt suit sets have soared in popularity in the last year, stemming from the rising tailoring trend seen all over the runways and street style scene. Right now, though, we’re seeing an even fresher iteration of the trend with short suit outfits that have been recently popping onto my Instagram feed at a rapid pace.

Tracing the trend back, one of the last times the look was really popular was in the ’90s. High-waisted Bermuda shorts were a big thing, and we can even see evidence of this with one of Julia Roberts’s outfits in Pretty Woman. Her coordinating coral blazer and aforementioned Bermuda shorts were a picture of refined casual style from that time—after all, this was one of her outfits after the makeover montage. And now that trends from the ’90s are being ushered back in a huge way, short suit outfits are just one of the looks from the decade that we’re expecting to see lots of this summer. Ahead see how to wear the look for yourself and shop our favorite styles.

See some our favorite ways to wear short suits

Short suit outfit monochrome



For a foolproof outfit, stick to monochrome shades.

Short suit outfit orange



Try a cool pop of color like this orange set.

Shop short suits

Blazer and Silk-Crepe Shorts ($875) available in Italian sizes 38 to 46.

Blazer and Belt Shorts ($60) available in sizes XXS to M.

Blazer and Striped Shorts ($67) available in sizes XS to XL.

Blazer and Stripe Shorts ($230) available in sizes 0 to 8.

Blazer and Wool Shorts ($765) available in Italian sizes 36 to 44.

Blazer and Smart Shorts ($42) available in sizes 14 to 24.

Blazer and Windsor Slim Shorts ($475) available in French sizes 34 to 42.

Well, now you have a heads up about what our new summer uniform will be.