Shopbop's "Most Hearted" Section Is Brimming With Pretty Styles—I Love These 31

All fashion folk knows that if you look in the right places, Shopbop’s website will be teeming with one-of-a-kind fashion finds. I’m talking about cinched white tees, sleek matching sets, It girl–approved accessories and so much more. As an online Shopbop regular, I recently discovered the “Most Hearted” section consisting of the most popular styles according to actual Shopbop customers. It’s been a while since I dug through the site, so I took the liberty of combing through the “Most Hearted” pieces to highlight the best of the best just for your shopping pleasure.

From inexpensive clothing with a luxe look to uncovering chic pieces that won’t negatively impact your wallet, Shopbop’s fan favorites contain a variety of styles to cater to everyone’s preferences. Keep scrolling to add fun, popular pieces to your wardrobe now. 



These aviators are super groovy. 

Pair this loafer with everything from casual outfits to professional looks. 

These golden drop earrings are sleek and sophisticated.

A sweetheart top is subtly sexy and cool.

Throw on an oversize sweatshirt, baseball cap, and sneakers for a Princess Diana moment. 

I've never seen a T-shirt with a cinched waist until now. 

The color of the year in a tie-bikini swimsuit. 

Deep green is such a chill, unfussy way to look put together.

From the plane to the gym, these will get so much use out of them. 

Heart-shaped jewelry for the lover in all of us.

Wide-leg sweats are super trendy right now.

Embrace your inner Blair Waldorf with this pretty headband. 

This classic piece of jewelry never gets old. 

Wearing a whole suit is the ultimate flex. 

This contemporary earring design is giving.

Simple stripes are so French. 

A cheeky graphic tee will add a bit of personality to a look. 

Balletcore lovers, come hither. This wrap sweater will look amazing with flats. 

The understated pattern of this beanie will break up a dreary winter look. 

Wear this tulle bodysuit only if your goal is to grab attention.

High-rise jeans are here to stay. This light wash style is very popular with the anti–skinny jeans crowd. 

I need a vacation. You need a vacation. Wear this dress on vacation. 

I adore this colorway and silhouette.