The Most Common Shoe-Buying Mistakes (Plus How to Avoid Them)

If there’s one thing about shopping we really dislike, it would be dealing with returns—something that seems to happen frequently when it comes to footwear.  Not only are we disappointed that our shoe purchase was a flop, we also loathe the lines. So we reached out to top retailers for the truth on shoe-buying mistakes and the most popular reasons for returns.

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Sales associates from Shopbop, Bloomingdales, and Topshop explained that most returns have to do with sizing issues. Although this is an obvious reason for return and sometimes out your control, it’s still worth mentioning to always double-check the sizing. If you’re purchasing in-store, try on the shoes before buying (even if you’re in a rush—it’s worth it). If you’re ordering online, we suggest taking a look at the sizing chart. You can also read the customer reviews to see if a shoe runs true to size or up or down a size. 

Before you send shoes back because of throbbing foot pain, or any shoe-induced discomfort, we suggest testing out our life-changing hacks to make your shoes more comfortable. It’s one thing if the pain is out-of-this-world unbearable and you decide to return the shoes, but if you’re hoping to give the new shoes another chance, these savvy solutions might do the trick. 

According to a sales associate at Barney’s, “Most women’s shoes are returned because the customer changed their mind.” To ensure, you’re certain about your next purchase, we suggest holding off a week or two before buying the shoes. If you’re still dreaming about a certain pair a week later, it’s earned a spot in your closet. 

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How often do you make shoe returns? Are they due to these common mistakes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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