The 2-Piece Outfit Combo That Will See You Through Summer

Here at Who What Wear, we spend a lot of our time thinking about, researching and analysing outfit combinations. With one click of a search bar, we can offer you four different ways to wear leggingssix ways to style a midi skirt11 outfit hacks to make you look cooler and so, so many more. 

While countless outfit pairings, combinations and styles do of course exist, sometimes it is the simplest options that stand the test of time.

Enter the humble shirt-and-shorts combo, an absolutely timeless pairing that will see you through summer. Often composed of some combination of linen fabric and cotton materials, a button-down shirt and pair of tailored or loose shorts is a foolproof outfit we come back to year after year. 

Evidently, we are not the only ones, as many influencers agree, with several having posted examples of the outfit combination already this year, from Lucy Williams to Brittany Bathgate. It's clear that button-down shirts and shorts are maintaining their status as a simple go-to outfit for days spent at home or out and about. Interestingly enough, when it comes to the outfit, many influencers seem to be investing in basic shades of beige, white, tan and pale blue, further solidifying the look's timelessness. 

Keep scrolling to see the way influencers are wearing the outfit combination, and then shop the look below. 


(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)


(Image credit: @brittanybathgate)


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(Image credit: @brittanybathgate)

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