20 Trendy, "Sexy" Items to Wear Outside This Fall

Although fall and winter are inevitable, we have a feeling people are going to hold on to a certain trend that's been taking over this summer long after the warm weather disappears. In a word, that trend is "sexy." We use quotes because everyone, rightfully so, has a different definition of sexy. In this case, we're referring to the fact that cutout, sheer, strappy, formfitting, and low-rise are all buzzwords to describe the current fashion zeitgeist. Understandably, this is far easier to achieve in the summer when it makes much more sense to wear a small amount of clothing. But although the temperatures will be cooling soon, the desire to keep wearing skin-baring items is not.

So what's a fashion lover to do? Well, for starters, keep reading this story. We've pulled together a jaw-droppingly good edit of chic, "sexy" items that are surprisingly appropriate for fall. We also found you some great examples of Instagram's best dressed displaying how to pull off the "sexy" vibe in a cool, fashion-y way. Scroll for all the outfit inspiration and trendy items your fashion-girl heart desires. 

Sexy fashion trends



We couldn't imagine a better dress if we tried.

Nensi Dojaka is the buzzy brand making the "sexy" pieces every fashion person wants right now.

Every one of our editors is obsessed with this gorgeous sweater.

Sexy fashion trends



We can think of so many outfits that revolve around this skirt.

Dion Lee is another brand that's really leading the sexy-fashion movement.

All you need are loose jeans, and you have a very on-trend outfit.

Welp, the checkerboard trend just got even better.

If this looks familiar, it's because it's one of fall's It items.

Sexy fashion trends



Kendall Jenner just wore this, so there's that…

Sexy fashion trends



This formfitting dress has become a cult classic.

The perfect color to transition into fall wearing.

Jacquemus is the ultimate sexy brand.