5 Pieces of Clothing That My Husband and I Both Think Are Alluring and Cool

Tylynn Nguyen 5 Pieces of Sexy and Cool Clothing Satin Slip Dress



When it comes to fashion, my husband and I have relatively similar tastes. He's pretty oblivious to the latest trends and mostly sticks to timeless staples. I do the same but tend to lean a little more fashion-forward than he does. When it comes to what we deem alluring and cool clothing, there are some definite pieces we can agree on.

In sussing this all out we came to realize that our top picks are primarily elevated basics with some quintessentially "sexy" pieces also in the mix. One of the first pieces we agreed on was a slip dress. The timeless dress style puts so many of one's erogenous zones tastefully on display. Barely there cardigan sweaters are another piece we love, which happen to currently be having a major moment. The trend is a bit cheeky and a lot of fun for date night or an upcoming party.

Keep scrolling to peruse all five of our top striking and cool picks—they may already all be in your closet.

1. Oversize White Button-Down Shirts

Sylvie Mus 5 Pieces of Sexy and Cool Clothing Oversized White Button Down Shirt



There is nothing like an oversize white button-down shirt unbuttoned just so. It's classic and subtly sexy, plus the piece goes with everything from jeans to skirts.

Nordy fans are all about this particular button-down.

There's something so understated and cool about this double-pocket design.

An oxford shirt is a guaranteed closet staple.

The oversize pocket of this button-down feels fresh.

This button-down shirt is incredibly versatile.

2. Open-Back Dresses

We both don't think that the back gets enough credit when it comes to sensual dressing. A great open-back dress showcases the zone perfectly.

Not only is the low open-back a showstopper, but the black slit garners some attention as well.

This sporty back is divine. Plus it has great reviews.

A simple tie-back design like this one has a romantic feel.

3. Barely There Cardigans

Raeann Langas 5 Pieces of Sexy and Cool Clothing Cropped Barely-There Cardigan Sweaters Curvy Model Plus Size



Barely there cardigans are having a major moment and we can't complain. This cardigan style evokes a feeling of a present that is ready to be unwrapped (consensually, of course).

This ribbed cardigan comes in five cool colors.

The faux-pearl buttons elevate this vibrant pick.

This black cardigan looks so soft and cozy.

A plunging neckline gives this cardigan a super elegant vibe.

One reviewer called this a "perfect fitting sweater."

4. Slim Straight-Leg Jeans

Marianne Smyth 5 Pieces of Sexy and Cool Clothing Slim Straight-Leg Jeans Black Boots



There's no denying the power of a pair of jeans that fit like a glove. For whatever reason (maybe the curve-hugging properties?) my husband and I prefer a slim straight-leg jean style.

These Levi's have a great wash and fit.

These affordable jeans hit right at the ankle.

These cool jeans have three different inseam options to pick from.

5. Slip Dresses

Tylynn Nguyen 5 Pieces of Sexy and Cool Clothing Gray Satin Slip Dress Ankle Boots



Beyond the alluring clinging fit of most slip dresses, the dress reveals just the right amount of skin. Perhaps this is exactly why a slip dress is always in style.

A party-ready black slip dress is a no-brainer.

There's something about a white slip dress worn with edgy accessories that is incredibly appealing.

Your date-night found, thanks to this black dress.