Meet the Culinary Genius Reinventing the L.A. Food Scene

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If you are a foodie, L.A.-based or not, you’re likely familiar with the hip breakfast-lunch cafe Sqirl, situated on a cozy corner in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Founded by culinary innovator and best-selling cookbook author Jessica Koslow, Sqirl has been deemed forward-thinking and downright revolutionary due to its menu, electric atmosphere, and Jessica’s unique approach to food. From her start selling jams and preserves at a niche cafe, Jessica has expanded her career beyond by opening Sqirl and soon-to-be Sqirl Away, becoming a best-selling author of cookbook Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking, and most recently collaborating with Gabriela Cámara of Contramar and opening the highly anticipated restaurant Onda in Los Angeles.

With Jessica’s extensive, impressive culinary accomplishments, it may come as a surprise that she is completely self-taught. Even more shocking, in Jessica’s early career, she was a digital producer at Fox, working on clients like American Idol and 24. Rounds of corporate layoffs became the push toward passion that Jessica subconsciously knew she needed. From pastry chef to bread baker, Jessica put in the tedious work to become a part of the culinary culture. 

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