Businesswoman Extraordinaire Daria Burke on Maximizing Your Potential


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Daria Burke is an absolute business powerhouse. As the ultimate multi-hyphenate holding prestigious titles like a business leader, board director, investor, advisor, and writer, Burke spent her career building iconic brands within the beauty and fashion industry at global companies like L’Oréal and Estée Lauder and was even one of the early employees of Rent The Runway. She’s also spearheaded fashion, retail, and beauty partnerships at Facebook and later joined JustFab as the Chief Marketing Officer. As a marketing executive, she has worked on partnerships with celebrity trailblazers, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelly Rowland, and Ayesha Curry — to name a few.

There’s no denying that Burke has been at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry, constantly evolving and expanding the boundaries around her. 

Last year, amidst her remarkable corporate successes, Burke had a pivotal career reckoning that led her to re-examine what truly fulfilled her — ultimately inspiring her to significantly adjust her career. Today, she is an active board member and advisor to companies that empower her and, more importantly, businesses she feels authentically connected to, like Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s baby care brand Proudly and Moon Juice. She has also committed her time to examining and understanding the human potential to reach the core of who she is, including taking Dr. Tara Swart’s Neuroscience for Business course at MIT. And today, Burke shares her insights for various publications like The Huffington Post and Fast Company to help others unlock their fullest potential.


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Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Burke’s past corporate life in various dynamic cultures and environments eventually led her to discover the power of emotional intelligence and maximize her ultimate potential.

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