Meet Ariane Goldman, the CEO Disrupting Women's Wardrobes


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Discovering the magical marriage of creativity and a strong business foundation does not happen overnight. Ariane Goldman, the CEO and founder of both Twobirds New York and Hatch, manifested two companies that serve as solutions to amend relevant voids in both the market and her personal life. "Some people are born with talents. They know where it’s going to take them in life. I was born with a zest for something, for a void to fill inside of me to drive me forward,” explains Goldman when we sat down with her on Second Life. Beginning her entrepreneurial journey in 2007, Goldman launched Twobirds New York, a collection of bridesmaids dresses designed to be wrapped in over 15 ways for maximum usage while flattering women of all shapes and sizes; think 27 Dresses. Following the success of Twobirds, she founded Hatch in 2010, a company designed to create timeless investment pieces for women during and after pregnancy. Hatch has gained momentum garnering a dedicated celebrity following, including Meghan Markle, Khloé Kardashian, and Miranda Kerr

While Goldman’s companies thoughtfully address women’s wardrobe concerns and exceed creative expectations, her path was not linear. After eight years working in the global marketing department at American Express, Goldman firmly decided it was time to take her career in a different direction. 

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