How Alice Bell Became Fashion's Favorite Astrologer


(Image credit: Courtesy of Alice Bell)

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Alice Bell is quite the anomaly. As the fashion industry's appointed astrologer, Bell has become the go-to resource in all things astrology, birth charts, and the mere beauty of timing. Bell’s keen perspective on how astrology plays an integral role in our daily lives—in a modern and rather chic way—has turned a vast concept into a palpable tool. 

Before Bell realized her calling in the world of astrology, she actually seemed destined for the world of fashion. With a master’s degree in fashion journalism and a string of internships at prestigious publications like British Vogue and Women's Wear Daily, Bell was determined to become a fashion editor. While working as a fashion assistant at American Vogue, she discovered an intriguing fascination with astrology, particularly in how it offered a unique perspective on matters of the heart. In her free time, she found herself diving deep into the intricacies of astrology and interpreting the celestial patterns that seemed to weave through her own love life.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Alice Bell)

As her interest in traditional editorial work began to wane, Bell unexpectedly found herself drawn into the intricacies of astrology. In fact, growing expertise in the subject matter made her the unofficial office astrologer at Vogue, where fellow employees sought her insights into their birth charts and cosmic destinies. It was here that Bell’s stars began to align. 

Recognizing her gift for translating the language of the stars into relatable and meaningful insights, Bell decided to share her astrological knowledge with a wider audience by offering free readings on her social media platforms, which quickly gained popularity. Today, Bell has established herself as a trusted astrologer, podcast host, and workshop facilitator. The best part? Her journey has come full circle, as she proudly serves as the resident astrologer at British Vogue, bridging her fashion roots with her true passion. In June, Bell released her first astrology book Trust Your Timing, which reveals her extensive knowledge of astrology while also reflecting her personal growth and evolution throughout her transformative journey.

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