I Have No Idea What To Wear This Winter, So I Turned To The Scandi Fashion Crowd

Even as an experienced New Yorker, the subject of knowing what to wear during the winter escapes me. It feels next to impossible to look cool when the forecast calls for optimum warmth: my default instinct is to just drape myself in layers of fuzzy things and padded coats, so the task of coming up with a fresh and exciting outfit each day feels like a challenge. That's too much cerebral energy I'd rather not expend on getting dressed, so in times like this, I turn to a group of people who know how to conquer winter dressing best: the Scandi crowd. 

I have yet to step foot in Sweden, Denmark, or Norway (unfortunately), but even I know a Nordic winter is nothing to mess with. I thought New York blizzards were bad—but when snow is on the ground six months of the year in Sweden, it means the Scandi crowd is just about as qualified as any to be the prototype of how to pull off innovative winter style. After scanning my favorite tastemakers' account, I created a list of the foundational pieces to build up my best winter wardrobe yet. Keep scrolling to see the 6 key pieces.


Before January there's still hope to walk around with your coat unbuttoned. Until then, why not try out sharp tailored pieces a la a cool suit vest, or a sleeveless tailored jacket, underneath? Tastemakers like writer Stephanie Broek and Fanny Ekstrand both utilize this styling trick to add dimension to a cold-weather outfit, and I'm a big fan. 

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It's true, your winter outfit is only as good as your coat. So it makes sense that statement puffers have been making the rounds among fashionable women in Northern Europe. While splurging is not a requirement, it'd be wise to spend a little extra since it'll be the main star of your outfits during the season.

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If Instagram is any indication, we should all be taking a break from our boots right now. It's easy to get swept up in the boot excitement of early fall, but sometimes your feet need to breathe. Here's where cool retro sneakers come in. I've noticed them paired with thick socks (it's all about warmth) and maxi coats along with sweatpants or loose trousers for an effortless Scandi touch.

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I've been on the baggy pants wave for a minute, so imagine my excitement when I realized I could easily rework them into my winter looks following the lead of my favorite Scandi-based influencers. The vibe seems to be keeping a loose silhouette all around, which means styling them with equally oversize sweaters or button-downs. I love how relaxed yet intentionally understated it looks.

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Speaking of oversize sweaters, it should be no surprise that people living in such cold climates keep a collection of them at the ready. How to make it feel more intentional than sloppy is to find versions with luxe textures and interesting details like an added scarf component or a layered effect. The Frankie Shop's version is at the top of my current wishlist.

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Sooner or later when it gets so cold that all that's apparent of your outfit is the outside of your coat, a striking accessory to add some visual interest is key. Fashion people from Stockholm to Copenhagen love a quirky pair of sunglasses (especially ones with a colored lens or unusual frame shape) so you better believe I'm taking notes and have a few tabs open right now.

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