Everything I Stopped Wearing After Traveling to Scandinavia 5 Times

I'm extremely lucky to be able to travel for my job, and there happens to be one corner of the world that lures me back more often than any other location: Scandinavia. In the last two years, I've been to Stockholm three times and Copenhagen twice while attending Stockholm and Copenhagen Fashion Week, as well as the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. I seemingly make the 11-hour journey from Los Angeles so often that my co-workers joke that I must have a secret family over there. (I don't, but I do have Swedish ancestry!)

During my time in Scandinavia, I've picked up more than a few outfit pointers from stylish Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian women. Overall, they've inspired me to be bolder and more creative with my outfits. What does that mean exactly? For starters, I began swapping basic outerwear pieces for livelier versions, like a shimmering metallic coat or a puff-sleeve plaid topper. I've also learned to not rely on my blue jeans so often and experiment with the color wheel a bit more. Scroll down to learn the wardrobe changes I've made inspired by Scandinavian style.

Stopped Wearing: Blue Jeans With Everything

My go-to blue jeans are a crutch I lean on almost every day, but Scandinavian girls love a good trouser look. I'm now more willing to swap straight-leg denim for wide-leg pants in fun fabrics like velvet or silk. 

Started Wearing: Wide-Leg Pants 

Stopped Wearing: Black Wool Coats

I've been inspired to experiment not just with color but also with fabrics. When you invest in something more adventurous, you might be worried that you won't wear it as often, but Scandinavian women aren't afraid to turn some heads. So go on and wear it every single day if you feel like it. 

Started Wearing: Statement Outerwear 

Stopped Wearing: Boring Color Combos

Yes, black and white will always be a foolproof color combo, but Scandinavia has inspired me to have fun with different color mixes. I particularly like the tonal trend, which is combining different shades of the same color family. In Copenhagen last May, I tried this out with different hues of pink and was hooked. 

Started Wearing: Tonal Looks

Stopped Wearing: Impractical Shoes

Living in Los Angeles, I'm used to driving everywhere and not needing to wear shoes that are actually practical. But when I travel to Scandinavia, I know I'll be doing a lot more walking, so I always pack sneakers or low boots, even if I'm attending a dressier event. 

Started Wearing: Low Ankle Boots and Sneakers (Even With Dressier Items)

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