The Unexpected Source of SJP's New HBO Wardrobe

When a television show’s been off the air for more than 10 years and we’re still obsessed with the characters, the catch phrases, and the outfits, it’s hard to have a follow-up act that lives up to the legacy. And when it comes to Sex and the City, we’re not talking about the movies. We’re talking about Sarah Jessica Parker’s next HBO show, Divorce. So instead of attempting to go down a similar road, the cast and crew have veered entirely. The result: wardrobe inspiration that’s way different than Carrie and the gang’s, and perhaps even easier to obtain.

In an interview with Fashionista, Divorce costume designer Arjun Bhasin explained how he and Parker decided on a more-relatable, more-lived-in, and less-label-driven look for the lead character of Frances. “I didn't set foot in Bergdorf or Barneys or Saks,” Bhasin tells Fashionista. “We did all the clothes from flea markets, vintage [shopping], eBay and Etsy. We found pieces that were like comfort clothing almost for her—like the equivalent of comfort food—things that made her feel attractive and sexy, and yet they were part of the history of her life.”

While we can totally get on board with clothing that feels as good for the body as your favorite meal, what’s even more comforting is that an amazing curated wardrobe is just a quick search term, weekend flea-market trip, or Instagram scroll away. Sure, this approach takes a bit more time and patience to find amazing pieces to add to your closet, but as we’ll see when Divorce makes its debut on October 9, it could be well worth the effort.

Scroll down for a peek at what to expect in SJP's wardrobe this time around.


(Image credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)


(Image credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

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Gina Marinelli
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