Found: The 15 Best Sandals for Narrow Feet

My summer vacation is quickly approaching, and there are a few things I'm spending way too much time scouring the internet for: namely, a tourist hat, shell jewelry, and brightly colored sandals to pull my outfits together. But as much as I love online shopping, there are few things more disappointing than finally getting your hands on the perfect pair of bright strappy sandals only to put them on and find your feet swimming in them.

Having to go through the process of returning items bought online nearly makes me want to avoid shopping altogether. That's why we've rounded up the best sandals for narrow feet so that you can easily order them online without the worry of making a return. These sandals are about to bless your outfits, upgrade your Instagram Story, and be completely comfortable as you stroll along the streets of Sintra (or wherever your travels might take you this summer).

Those with narrow feet are blessed to be able to fit into thick toe straps like these Cult Gaia shoes are sporting.

Any shoe with a toe-ring strap is made specifically for narrow feet. The sandals are some of the trendiest of the summer and will keep your foot perfectly in place—no sliding around. 

A narrow foot is able to precariously balance upon a thin wedge, such as this classic Staud sandal. 

With so many straps, this shoe will fit a narrow foot perfectly while keeping it nicely in place with no danger of slippage. 

With tie sandals, you can adjust the width to perfectly match your feet. 

These strappy sandals will look so elegant on a thin, dainty foot. 

Tie strings + a toe-ring strap = This sandal is a two-in-one narrow foot combo. 

By Far has made some of the shoes of the summer.

These slide-ons are perfect for comfortable strolls through the city.

They're white, slingback, pointed toe heels. Those words also all coincidentally happen to be synonyms with summer! 

I've had my eye on these wedges for months.

Have I mentioned how great strappy sandals are for narrow feet?

These sandals feel particularly Grecian, but I have a feeling they'll look flawless in Los Angeles too.

If you haven't noticed, green seems to be the color of the season. 

The pointed toe and thin sole make this yet another great choice for narrow feet.