Saie's Glossybounce Fuses Lip Gloss and Oil for the Absolute Best of Both Worlds

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If I were to be completely honest about the influence certain products have had on my makeup routine over time, "traditional" lip gloss would undoubtedly take the crown for the one step I refuse to go without. Despite its important role as the finishing touch, I've always had a love-hate relationship with them that can be traced back to the pastel-colored makeup kits of my 2000s childhood. There would always be a square swatch of sparkling lip gloss that, in addition to being the stuff of my five-year-old dreams, had me in a constant battle to remove stray strands of hair from the surface of my lips. Thus began my shift towards the heavily pigmented lipsticks and lip stains that defined my late teens and early twenties.

I have no idea if it would be fair to assume that all makeup lovers had a brief stint with Kylie Cosmetics' Lip Kits at the height of their lip product love affair, but I definitely did. That was, of course, until I was introduced to tinted lip oils. Put simply, lip oils allow for long-lasting shine and hydration to the lips; restoring the skin's natural balance all while offering defense against environmental aggressors. We've recently witnessed a sort of lip oil renaissance driven by social-media trends with a number of noteworthy brands at its helm. One of them, Saie Beauty, recently launched a line of products that blend the slip and hydration of a lip oil with the shine of a sheer-tinted gloss: Glossybounce.

From the moment I removed these lip gloss oils from the box, I was more than excited to see the melanin-friendly selection of semi-sheer shades I could wear with confidence. While in the bottle they looked significantly more pigmented than when swiped across the lips, the glossy color payoff provided the best wash of color to the face. What's more, the stickiness and tackiness I so heavily associate with lip gloss and lip oils alike was nowhere to be found. Instead, the product delivered a plush, cushiony feel and coated the lips with a juicy shine and long-lasting moisture (meaning I could easily go all day with no reapplication needed).

The six shades featured so far in the collection are described by the brand as being, "your lips but better," and after using all of them, I couldn't agree more. They offer an elevated take on your ultra-nourishing lip balms thanks to a formula packed with several ultra-nourishing ingredients 7gto hydrate, smooth, and condition the lips. While I love every one of them, the two I'm planning on wearing most going into the colder months ahead are Push and Dream; shades of soft brown and juicy berry. Fingers crossed we'll be seeing a vibrant, cherry red in the future!


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To learn more about the vision and development process for these lip gloss oils, I got in touch with Saie's Vice President of Product Development Colleen Timpone. "As with every Saie product, there was a long product development process with Glossybounce to ensure that luxury, quality and clean ingredients weren't compromised," she began. "When we set out to develop Glossybounce, we wanted to create a clean lip gloss oil that was the perfect mix between a lip gloss, a lip oil, and a balm." The goal was to capture the wonderful benefits of each; capturing their cushiony feel, comfort, hydration, high-shine, slip, wear, and sheer color.

It's no wonder lip gloss oils were the #1 most requested product from the brand. Known for their unique ability to create lightweight, skincare-infused makeup using performance formulas as well as sustainable packaging and practices, Saie has set a new standard for multitasking makeup that's clean. It was so important to us that we did not formulate with any silicone or petroleum," says Timpone. "You might notice that our shade Kiss (clear) has a slight pink tint. That is because when you do not use petroleum, the base of the formula is slightly milky/yellow versus crystal clear."


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This wouldn't be a true product review without a deep dive into the formula that set Saie's lip gloss oils apart from other similar—but not nearly as high performing—products. The Glossybounce Lip Gloss Oils use a blend of a jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter for that juicy, plump finish with major skincare benefits I love so much. I know my lips will be protected (and stunning looking), as long as I have these lip gloss oils on hand. I'll be adding at least one to each of my everyday bags for easy access going forward.

If you've yet to get your hands on them, take this as your sign to finally pull the trigger and add these to your makeup routine before they fly off the shelves. Interested in discovering more from the brand? Below are six more of my favorite products that have completely transformed my approach to makeup. It might be a good idea to stock up on these as well!

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