ICYMI: Summer Is Here, and We're Getting Dressed for Fun Again
ICYMI: Summer Is Here, and We're Getting Dressed for Fun Again

ICYMI: Summer Is Here, and We're Getting Dressed for Fun Again

I can’t tell you how many times this past year I went into my closet and tried on my favorite dresses or heels just to feel something. Joy, fun, hope—anything to spark positivity. Fashion, after all, has always been something I can rely on to put me in a better mood. The good news is things are looking way, way up, and it’s about time to make a comeback and dress like I’m out for a little sartorial revenge. Yes, that’s right. I’m packing up my loungewear, my homemade tie-dye T-shirts, and anything marle gray until further notice because fun, over-the-top fashion, preferably from Gucci’s Towards the Sun summer collection, is all I’m interested in now. The bigger and bolder (and more accessorized), the better.

Even on the most casual of days, perhaps spent at the beach for some fun in the sun, I’ll still be getting revenge on all the elastic waistbands that have infiltrated my closet over the past year. How, you ask? First, by embracing joyfully amped-up hues, such as this tangerine knit, and details that put a giddy smile on my face, like the little cat embroidery on the back pocket of these denim shorts.

I prefer erring on the side of overdoing it when it comes to accessories. If that means never being without a hat and wearing both of my favorite handbags instead of having to choose just one, then so be it. More is more.

Up for entertaining at home again? Same, and I love that for you. The revenge-dressing philosophy calls for daytime looks that are as comfortable as my favorite loungewear but about 7000% more stylish—say, something flowy with notable accessories fit for a soirée along the coast of Italy, but also for my backyard barbecue. One that says, “Why yes, I do always look this chic while firing up veggie skewers poolside.”

The look itself is important, yes, but accessories, my friend, are key. Polished leather loafers with the iconic Gucci horse-bit detail will do the trick below my ankles. Oh, and an amazing hat is well worth the investment, as it must be present to protect my face from the sun, my fresh blowout from the wind, and my outfit from the risk of being anything less than ultra accessorized at all times.

I truly love a look that sneaks in as many dramatic details as possible. Let’s take it from the ground on up, starting with glittery socks to make horse-bit heels pop and working our way to the addition of a scarf styled as an oversize pussy bow at the neck of this matching-print dress. And while it could perhaps be argued that none of us (least of all me) actually needs another blazer, it’s really not about that right now. It’s about Fashion with a capital F and, specifically, pieces that unapologetically spark the kind of joy that’s visible on your face every time you wear them. This delicious minty topper is doing exactly that for me, and I’ll be cranking up my AC to encourage wearing it frequently. Plus, the complementary hue makes those bright-red sailboats really pop. And until I actually find myself out on a boat (my favorite summer activity), the next best thing is this print.

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