The One Jewelry Trend Every French Girl Is Wearing

Religious jewelry



At the Who What Wear office, we often discuss "micro trends". Those small looming products that suddenly gain momentum among the fashion community and are poised to be the next big thing. Out of nowhere, they begin to flood our Instagram feeds and make their way to our shopping carts. One that has recently caught my attention—specifically among French girls—is religious jewelry.

To find out more about the "micro trend" straight from the source, I asked Parisian Sabina Socol, who also pens Who What Wear's monthly French-girl style column. She explained, "To me, it's not so much about being religious, as it is a 'clin d'œil' (which literally means a 'wink' in French) to traditions and classism. If you look at them closely, you'll see that French girls (including me) do wear jewelry with religious connotations but always with a modern twist. It's just another French way to play with the codes!" Ahead see how French girls are wearing the pieces, how I've been inspired to wear them again myself, and then shop our edit.


My love affair with baby blue is just beginning

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This jewelry has a personal connection for me. Here I'm wearing a cross necklace that was a gift from my mom in high school, as well as a Saint Christopher necklace that is a recent addition.


???????? @hometownexperience

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Bye Curls! ????

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Favorite details and new @lorenstewart necklace from @netaporter

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#repost @jeannedamas in the 1SM Necklace ???? #bagatiba

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