The Chic Anti-Loungewear Trend I Want to Wear This Fall

I haven’t entirely abandoned sweatpants and bike shorts, but I’ve definitely felt inspired to mix it up when it comes to getting dressed at home. That being said, I haven’t said goodbye to comfort. While I’ve already talked about other anti-loungewear trends like linen that have been getting more play in my wardrobe recently, there’s another piece I’ve started wearing that I predict will gain even more traction as we head into fall: relaxed suiting.

Equal parts comfortable and cool, I can’t get enough of the trend. This summer, I’ve been wearing a pair of loose-fitting trousers that practically feel like pajamas but look much more polished—and as we head into fall I’ll only be wearing them more. If the outfits I’ve been seeing fashion insiders wear are any indication, I’m not alone in embracing the trend. Ahead, see how the fashion set is wearing relaxed suiting and shop pieces to try out their looks.

Yep, as you might be able to tell, I'm already personally invested in the relaxed suiting trend. This summer, these Albus Lumen pants have become a core staple in my wardrobe and I'll be carrying them into fall. For the season ahead, I'd style this look with an oversize blazer and riding boots with the pants tucked in.

Here's an easy look that's guaranteed to get plenty of play this fall. With polo tops on the rise, relaxed trousers are a natural pairing.

How to wear the relaxed suiting trend



If you're looking for more of a transitional look, try pairing a cropped tee with relaxed trousers. Here, it's pulled off to perfection.

How to wear the relaxed suiting trend with a tube top



Another case for the tube top? Definitely. I love balancing fitted and loose proportions and this outfit makes the case for it.

If you want to embrace a pop of color, try wearing a pair of bold pants like these hot pink ones from Jacquemus. While I wouldn't think to add a plaid blazer, this works on every level.

High-waisted trousers with a tube top and a tailored jacket? I can't think of an outfit I'm more ready to slip into right now.

How to wear the relaxed suiting trend with heels



Leave it to Grece Ghanem to find the ultimate fall uniform. Pairing relaxed trousers with an easy button-down and printed heels, this is an outfit that feels equal parts cool and effortless.

Relaxed trousers



Butter yellow is poised to be one of the biggest colors for fall and this look is certainly selling me on it.

How to wear the relaxed suiting trend with a T-shirt



Tailored pants with a T-shirt? What could be easier or more stylish?

Relaxed suiting outfit



The bra top trend has been around for a while now, but I don't think it's disappearing anytime soon. Here is an outfit idea you'll want to repeat.

How to wear the relaxed suiting trend with a casual top



Throw on a leather trench and you'd have the perfect outfit for fall.

Wow, this might need to be my go-to look for fall.