I'm All About Relaxed Fashion—These 29 Items Are Front-Runners in My Wardrobe


(Image credit: @_jeanettemadsen_ )

One thing I know I'm not bringing into 2023? An overly complicated fashion sense. Gone are the days of wearing jeans that are a little too snug after I eat a meal or a pair of boots that I can only manage to take several steps in. No. I'm taking a stand. This year, I'll be implementing a more relaxed approach to fashion.

Let's be clear that when I say relaxed, I don't mean messy or not put together. Instead, I'm referring to that easy, effortless look associated with French and Scandinavian street style. Of course, relaxed also implies embracing the baggy, loose, and flowy styles that happen to be in this season as well, which, considering the context, I'm all for.

If you'd like to follow my lead here, keep scrolling. My top picks for a more laid-back wardrobe are below. 

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