Reformation Just Dropped the Prettiest Gossip Girl–Meets-Clueless Collection

Reformation Just Dropped the Prettiest Gossip Girl-Meets-Clueless Collection



If you've been subconsciously looking for an excuse to rewatch Gossip Girl from Season 1 (or is that just me?), Reformation just handed you one on a Tiffany & Co. silver platter. For the brand's latest launch, it took inspiration from the iconic series's prep-school aesthetic, designing a preppy collection full of miniskirts, pussy-bow dresses, and heeled loafers that Blair Waldorf (and the dynamic duo of Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport for that matter) would almost certainly approve of. 

Admittedly, I'm not the preppiest dresser. Perhaps years of wearing a school uniform that included a plaid jumper, knee-high socks, and strictly navy, red, or black ballet flats turned me off. And yet, immediately upon scrolling through Reformation's new drop, I was smitten. See what I mean by scrolling through the best pieces in the cult-favorite brand's new preppy collection, below. 

Prepare to see this miniskirt everywhere this fall. 

My mom had a pair of heeled loafers in the '90s and I've been trying to find a replica ever since. Hint: These are it.  

The fact that this set is cashmere just made my entire day. 

Kaia Gerber frequents these puddle pants, and for good reason.

This diamond print is everything. 

Okay, someone send this dress to Leighton Meester ASAP. 

Nothing says preppy like a matching tweed set. 

Shop the matching Jennie Skirt ($128).

Add some adornments to your classic loafers.

The only thing better than a cashmere bra-and-cardigan set is a cashmere dress-and-cardigan set, period. 

This color is too pretty to miss out on.

This easy cashmere knit deserves a spot in your fall wardrobe. 

The gold buttons take this dress from a 10 to a 100. 

What's preppier than a cashmere, argyle sweater-vest? That's a triple threat. 

It's giving chic college professor.