Reese Witherspoon Wore the Sandals Jackie Kennedy Made Famous

When two stylish women wear the same shoes—over 50 years apart—you know they’ve got to be good. Reese Witherspoon was recently spotted in Los Angeles wearing Jack Rogers’s Palm Beach Navajo Sandals ($118), which were first popularized by none other than Jackie Kennedy in the ’60s.

Curious about the sandals’ backstory? On its website, the brand explains how Kennedy made the shoes famous. “It was on an Italian holiday in 1960 that First Lady Jackie Kennedy met the shoe style that would become the Classic Jack Rogers Sandal, a flat sandal characterized by whipstitched leather and an iconic rondelle, affectionally called the ‘Jacks.’ On her return to Palm Beach, Jackie brought the shoe to a local cobbler, and an icon was born.” How’s that for a fascinating dose of fashion history?

Scroll down to see how Jackie Kennedy and Reese Witherspoon styled the same sandals!

Jackie Kennedy


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Reese Witherspoon


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On Reese Witherspoon: Jack Rogers Palm Beach Navajo Sandals ($118).

Emulate Reese and opt for the white iterations. 

Navy is also a classic choice. 

These pastel pink versions are sweetly feminine. 

How would you style these sandals? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop more Jack Rogers sandals online!

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