These Are the Best Skinny Jeans on the Planet (You Can Quote Me)

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I used to be one of those people who only wore skinny jeans (weren't we all at some point?), but because the denim market is chock-full of alternative options these days, I've since branched out to straight legs, cropped flares, split hems, pinch-waist styles, and more. Still, there's a particular pair that honestly re-stokes love skinny jeans, and they're by celebrity-favorite brand Re/Done.

As you probably know, L.A.-based Re/Done got its start a few years ago by reworking men's vintage Levi's to reflect the trends of today. Since then, it's branched out to tees, sweaters, jackets, and so much more, but it's the Originals line that I'm here to talk about today. Several months ago, I got my hands on a pair of the Comfort Stretch High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans in the Mid 70s wash. The jeans, which I'm wearing in black above, are 100% the best skinny jeans I've ever worn.

They're ridiculously comfortable (hence the name), yet they hold everything in and don't lose their shape with wear. Every wash is perfect (next up on my wish list is the new Dark 71 wash, and the Faded Black wash whenever it's restocked), and although my closet is filled with jeans, I always find myself reaching for them first. The waist is the ideal rise (high without being too high), and the length is just cropped enough for my 5'4" frame. Trust me and keep scrolling to buy and try them for yourself. They're worth every penny.

Opening Image Outfit Credit: Stand Josephine Faux Fur Collar Patent Coat ($280)