The Fun 2022 Trend to Swap Out Your Boring Jeans For

After living in sweatpants and leggings for what felt like an eternity, we're pretty excited to see fashion taking a more exciting turn, particularly in the pant department. Plenty of riskier styles have risen to fame over the past year—think built-in G-strings and hip-baring pelvic cutouts—but we come bearing good news. Red pants are the new trend in town, and they're (thankfully) much easier to pull off while still lending your look a sartorial punch.

Whether cherry red or burgundy, leather or denim, fashion people everywhere have swapped out their neutral-toned bottoms for those of the more vibrantly hued variety. We scoured our feeds to see how our favorites are styling the trend and rounded up seven looks we're trying to copy ASAP. From full-monochrome ensembles to expertly mixed and matched colors and prints, keep scrolling for all the red-pants-outfit inspo you'll need and, of course, to shop each look for yourself.


(Image credit: @maryljean)

Now red doesn't have to be so in-your-face—take this sleek monochrome burgundy look, for example. If all-over bold hues aren't your thing, deeper tones are a subtler way to lean into the trend.


(Image credit: @couturekulten)

Y2K-inspired mesh tees are everywhere right now, and we love how this one looks paired with vibrant leather pants. Tone down the boldness by throwing on a neutral-colored coat.


(Image credit: @modestmira_)

Tailored trousers can really elevate an otherwise casual look. Your proof is above. We also love how this sweater and button-down break up the darker tones.


(Image credit: @charlottekuhrt)

Is there a better color combination than black and red? Simply put, this look is the epitome of chic.


(Image credit: @spicy.mayo)

Welp, we're definitely inspired for our next party look. Red, orange, ruffles, and tulle—need we say more?


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

A Canadian tuxedo, but better. We love how this fire-engine red is accented by a pop of blue, and the neutral handbag goes with each piece perfectly.


(Image credit: @karodall)

Sure, mixing punchy primary colors with leopard print may not be for the faint of heart, but this look reminds us that getting dressed is and should be fun.

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